Announcements and events 2015

                                                    Upcoming things for 2015


         Upcoming Events for 2015

    • May 23- Food Sale- Floyd’s Store. Hoping for Pastries, Breads, Pies, Cakes,Baked Beans? This is something we’ve been waiting for all winter good Home Cooked Goodies.

      June 20- Dip & Donate Supper.The supper we all look forward to. Being able to pick what you want to eat. Oh but so many choices which will it be.

      July 11- Food Sale- Floyd’s Store. Back due to popular demand each year.Hoping for Pastries, Breads, Pies, Cakes,Baked Beans, Goodies.

      August 1Dip & Donate Supper.Too good to have just once a year. Again great food to pick from and so many choices.

      September 26- Fall Harvest Fair 10AM  Tell  2PM                 BARBECUE CHICKEN!
      Back again this year our famous Barbecued Chicken.                     

      ON THE SMALLER GRILL WILL BE, grilling hot dogs, sausage,etc.  Also Ice Tea, cold water and Soda      available.                                                                           FOOD SALE!
      Our food sale will again have all those homemade items you look forward to as well as a good cup of coffee if you wish.                                                                                        WHITE ELEPHANT SALE!       and our PLANT SALE!
      Will be back again this year.                                                 QUILT RAFFLE !!
      First Prize will be a Vermont hand made quilt! But if you don’t win,there will be other great prizes given out.                      ANTIQUE TRACTORS!  Back due to popular demand!

      October 17-spaghetti supper.You can’t beat a good old-fashioned spaghetti supper while you’re enjoying the fall foliage.

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